The Heavy Wallet

Do you want to become financially free, save for your future, spend money on things you enjoy, and earn extra on the side?

Hi, I'm Priya

A simple stay at home mum who’s been saving and hustling since her teens and does the same with her household finances. I manage my finances like a hawk and save more than 30% of my disposable income every month, while still enjoying all the simple luxuries of life! I also have been dabbling in side hustles to earn some extra money for a while. I finally realized my true calling – this thing called Affiliate Marketing!

I recently started this website to share my experiences and help anyone who wants to start something by themselves online. I also want to show you how easy it is to manage your finances better to help live better with less.

I hope my website can help you on your own financial journey!


Hi, I’m Priya. A simple stay at home mum who loves spending time with her daughter. I have thus been on a mission to look for ways to flexibly earn money, outside of the traditional 9-5 corporate life. I’ve been doing side hustles for a while to make some extra cash, but have also researched and tried various different programs and products to make a more regular income as well. I finally have a stable online business. Come join me to see how I make my money online!

Disclaimer: I really hope you got value from this site. Please take note that some links on this site may be affiliate links. That means that if you join through one of these links, I may get an affiliate commission for it, at absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. If you do click on one of the links, I will really appreciate it!